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    Group Cycling (Deussen Pkwy)

    Looking to get in good with an authentic bike gang? Then you'll not want to miss this group foray with the Lake Houston Bike Chicks! Perfect for beginner cyclists, this tour takes off on Deussen Parkway, and explores some of the area's scenic bike routes. You'll enjoy 15-20 miles of biking in a fun, social, group environment. This is a terrific way to meet some new cycling friends, and develop a passion for the sport. You'll also get in some great low impact exercise, though you might be having so much fun you'll not notice the rivulets of sweat pouring down your face.
    Group Cycling (Deussen Pkwy)

    2422 Bay Area Blvd, Houston

    • Embark on a leisurely group cycling adventure exploring the park areas around Deussen Parkway
    • Develop your cycling skills and get fit over the course of 15-20 miles of biking
    • Meet and swap tips with others who are also interested in cycling
    • Enjoy growing your interest in a fun and rewarding sport during a social adventure
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    Open Game Paintball

    "Pew, pew, pew!" If that sound is music to your ears, you may be interested in coming down to Paintball Bonanza of Houston to get your pew on. Ever since 1995, Paintball Bonzanza has been putting on some of the best paintball matches in the area. Choose between Capture the Flag and Elimination Style, borrow a weapon if you don't have one, gear up, and get to spraying paint. This is your chance to show off your awesome Navy SEAL skills you've been keeping in your back pocket!
    Open Game Paintball

    6500 Gold Moss Dr., Houston

    • Spend as long as you want playing paintball with friends and friendly strangers
    • Run around in one of the top paintball arenas in the state
    • Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge away from your opponents paintballs
    • Have a great time getting exercise and using your strategic and athletic abilities
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    Racket Ball Quick-Start Drill

    You love the feeling of your racquet connecting with the ball, sending it soaring back over the net. That being said, running back and forth across the court is the bane of your existence. You're out of breath and you can't keep up. That's where this Quick-Start Drill session comes in! Meant for entry level to mid level tennis players, this session will have you performing fast-paced drills on the court with agility and your newfound quick reflexes. You'll gradually increase your stamina and your endurance levels too! Not to mention the killer workout you'll be pulling off!
    Racket Ball Quick-Start Drill

    17901 Kings Park Ln, Houston

    • Condition your body with fast-paced drills and up your tennis game
    • Work up a sweat with this healthy cardiovascular exercise
    • Increase your stamina and endurance and improve your agility
    • Be inspired by awesome tennis coaches who will work you to your core
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