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    Group Tennis Lesson (Frederick Johnson)

    Every tennis match starts with love. Of course, that will quickly turn to frustration if you keep sailing tennis balls out of the court! In this beginner's-level class, you'll have the opportunity to work with professional instructors to develop accurate forehands and backhands, devastating serves, and many more basic tennis moves. You'll also work on footwork and technique during drills that will prepare you for both singles and doubles play. Tennis is a great way to get fit while having fun, and this class provides a fun, social class setting that's great for meeting new tennis friends. It's gonna be ace!
    Group Tennis Lesson (Frederick Johnson)

    W 150 St and W 151 St, New York

    • Learn to play tennis under the guidance of an experienced coach
    • Build ability through drills designed to hone form and instincts for moves such as serves, groundstrokes, and more
    • Reap the fitness and health benefits that come from playing an outdoor sport
    • Embrace a fun, competitive sport in a social group setting with fellow beginners
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