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    Beginning Silks

    Have you been wanting to take your workouts to new heights? In this class you will learn the fundamentals of aerial silks, beginning with flexibility, strength, and conditioning exercises that will help you feel comfortable in the air. You will work on basic climbing skills and will learn how to create "locks" around your body with the fabric. As your strength increases, you will progress into various positions, inversions, and drops. You'll build confidence and improve your overall health. Learn to defy gravity and move like silk.
    Beginning Silks

    1255 26th St, Oakland

    • Introductory to the Aireal Alchemy theory and practice
    • Learn the base or root postures
    • Learn categories of aireal theory
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    Segway Polo Lesson

    If you're an avid fan of all things sports-related, you'd better try your hand at segway polo because this quickly growing sport is here to stay! You'll begin your lesson with an unusual warm up... a tour of Jack London waterfront! Then, you'll hit the field and turn up the heat for an intensive training lesson, before facing off against your friends or family members in a riveting scrimmage! Segway Polo has been sweeping the nation! What are you waiting for? Join the fun! Happy gliding!
    Segway Polo Lesson

    6580 Longwalk Dr, Oakland

    • Try your hand at segway polo, an eco-friendly sport
    • Take a short tour of Jack London waterfront to get you warmed up before an intensive training session
    • Pick up the skills you'll need to compete in this internationally-growing sport
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