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    VAMP: A Music Comedy Drinking Show

    Ever been to a comedy show and thought, "man this is great, but I wish there were more music"? Ever been to a concert and thought, "jeez I'm really enjoying this music, but would it kill them to throw in some jokes"? Ever been to either one and thought, "wow the drinks here are really expensive and taste like crap"? Luckily, there's one event that addresses each of the above concerns in one tidy musical comedy nighttime BYOB performance. Sit back and enjoy a "Whose Line is it Anyway" style show set to a live band. Customize the flavor of your amusement by bringing your own beer or wine with you. Who said you can't have it all? Seriously, who the hell said that?
    VAMP: A Music Comedy Drinking Show

    3110 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago

    • Indulge in a nighttime entertainment extravaganza, filled with comedy, music, and booze
    • Avoid exorbitant drink prices and dirty cups by bringing your own beer or wine
    • Take part in an interactive "Whose Line is it Anyway" type show, featuring a full band
    • Enjoy a one-of-a-kind variety show you won't forget
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    Tony n' Tina's Wedding Show

    Weddings: a time for happiness, love, and unexpected family drama. While this may not be your wedding, you can still participate in the Off-Broadway production of Tony n' Tina's Wedding. This is a show where the audience members get to interact alongside the cast for a wedding experience staged as a festive celebration. This three-part show begins with a ceremony at Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Chapel followed by the wedding walk with the newly-weds through Times Square. The wedding will blur the lines between fantasy and reality! What kind of wedding is complete without a fabulous reception? Get caught up in the celebration with the audience and cast acting as friends and family at the reception at Guy's American Kitchen & Bar. Expect to eat, drink, and dance like you would at a real wedding. It's all the fun and drama of a real social gathering with none of the apologizing and guilt the day after.
    Tony n' Tina's Wedding Show

    3309 Seminary Ave, Chicago

    • Feel like part of the cast in an Off-Broadway touring show where the audience interacts with the performers
    • Enjoy the wedding experience in fictionalized form from the first toast to the last slice of cake
    • Interact or simply observe the drama that will erupt
    • Blur the lines between fantasy & reality
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    Cupid Has a Heart On Musical Comedy Show

    Although the playbill boasts an image of an adorably crestfallen Cupid with a heart tat etched into his baby cherub shoulder, we get the vaguest notion that there's further entendre to that title. But we'll leave the decoding to you, gumshoe. Speaking of detective work, book this event if you want to solve the mystery of why this is the longest running musical comedy in Chicago. We'll give you a clue: the human race likes raunch, music, and comedy, and this play has all three. You're sure to laugh from start to finish, so make sure you come prepared for an ab workout! Looks like you could use one! Okay, maybe we'll leave the jokes to the professionals.
    Cupid Has a Heart On Musical Comedy Show

    1225 W Belmont Ave, Chicago

    • Enjoy the longest running musical comedy in Chicago -- A MUST SEE experience!
    • Laugh during the entire set that's sure to be full of jokes about body image and relationships
    • Bring your friends along for a raunchy-good theater experience worth sharing
    • Roar through the sheer comedic wit that is Cupid Has A Heart On
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