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    Swing Crash Course

    Anybody teach you to jive and wail -- like you gotta jump, jive, and then you wail away? Get it?! Embedded in American history, you'll learn about this dance style born in Harlem and displaced worldwide, with classic dances such as Charleston, Jitterbug, and the College Shag. During this beginner crash course, you will cover these dances, and the fundamental steps to go along with it -- you might have to do a little a jump, and maybe a jive, to get a feel for the dance. Tap your feet, feel the rhythm, and the rhyme, but more importantly, grab your partner and dance to have a great time. Note: You will be required to change partners -- your dancing will improve because of it.
    Swing Crash Course

    412 8th Ave, New York

    • Learn basic foot patterns and rhythms to swing dance
    • Grab a partner and explore leading and following techniques as you dance the night away
    • Familiarize yourself with the six-count timing
    • Experience one of the most popular dances in American history
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