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— Tae Kwon Do
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    Taekwondo is a Korean combat sport known for its focus on speed and agility. This course will allow you to improve your overall strength, flexibility and endurance -- all while getting a great cardiovascular workout. Learn the fundamentals of Taekwondo, including blocks, punches, kicks, proper stance and more. However, you'll gain so much more than a fantastic and fun way to tone your body and burn calories; you'll develop more confidence and assurance as you learn important self-defense techniques. Delve into this challenging, but rewarding sport and learn valuable lessons in self-discipline. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

    84 Eastern Ave., Malden

    • Get fit while learning the traditional combat sport of Taekwondo
    • Improve you overall strength, flexibility and endurance while enjoying a great workout
    • Burn calories and get your heart pumping as you learn important self-defense techniques
    • Learn the fundamentals of Taekwondo while gaining valuable lessons in self-discipline
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    Tae Kwon Do

    Still feeling iffy about walking through some areas in your neighborhood, or perhaps, being out late at night? Time to learn the self-defense skills of Tae Kwon Do and add them to your repertoire! Try the basic kicking, punching, and blocking skills, while learning the necessary footwork to maintain superb balance. This friendly and energetic environment will help solidify your understanding of this prominent combat and self-defense based martial art. After this class, you'll walk through your neighborhood at night with your head held high, a grin bearing the "You lookin' at me?" attitude, and the calmness of knowing you're safer and more prepared than you've ever been.
    Tae Kwon Do

    285 Green St, Cambridge

    • Learn the basics of Tae Kwon Do and gain a deeper understanding of this self-defense-based martial art
    • Gain basic kicking skills, blocks and punches, footwork, and self-defense techniques
    • Enjoy the workout that comes along with conditioning your body for peak performance
    • Build your endurance in a fun, lively environment
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