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    Tai Chi

    Tai Chi, in its recent popularity, has come to be associated with such ideas as balance and healing. Come explore this martial art in a unique program that combines outer and inner power. You will learn strikes, kicks, throws, and joint locks as part of your physical training. This class will help you naturally promote the health of the body and mind. You'll learn the breathing methods and internal focus techniques that will help you promote healthy heart function, improve the respiratory system, and enhance blood circulation. Come reinforce your body's metabolism and get in great shape! Test out the waters and delve into this life changing martial art!
    Tai Chi

    164 Lincoln St, Boston

    • Explore Tai Chi and its various striking methods with a program that mixes different disciplines
    • Find outer and inner power by focusing on both the body and the mind
    • Promote healthy heart function as you exercise, stretch, and work on your body
    • Learn skills and techniques that make Tai Chi different from other martial arts
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