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    Tai Chi & Chi Kung

    This Tai Chi and Chi Kung combo class will teach you meditative and defense skills to promote healing, relaxation, martial arts skills, and more. These slow moving forms were created in order to practice aligning body, breath, and mind for health clarity, relaxation, and martial arts training. The main goal is to cultivate and balance chi or "life energy." As you practice, you will start to develop your personal potential. Build your strength, flexibility, coordination, and confidence. Leave with a greater sense of calm, as well as a healthier body from performing slow, concentrated movements with intention.
    Tai Chi & Chi Kung

    3850 Schiff Dr, Las Vegas

    • Learn the fundamentals of Tai Chi and Chi Kung under the guidance of a skilled instructor
    • Practice slow, concentrated movements to cultivate healing, relaxation, and self defense skills
    • Gain confidence, strength, flexibility, and coordination with each movement
    • Experience a meditative practice that allows you to feel a greater sense of inner calmness
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