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    Tai Chi

    Phones buzz, taxi cabs rush, day turns to night and back again -- in the middle of all that action it's easy to forget about things as simple as the seasons and the stars. Reconnect with the natural life cycles and open your mind with World Pa Kua Health's Tai Chi class. This class takes a holistic approach to tai chi, disciplining the mind as well as the body. Your experienced instructor will teach you about Tai Chi's connection with the natural life cycles and personal introspection, giving you a chance to access higher awareness, awaken your true nature, and develop your potential. You'll learn the basics of tai chi, but you will also discover how the martial art improves health, develops a sense of internal calm, and follows the movements of the universe and the cosmos. Why bother reaching for the stars, when you can reach with them?
    Tai Chi

    12045 Magnolia Blvd, Los Angeles

    • Learn the philosophy and history behind Tai Chi
    • Practice slow movements in order to learn fighting and self defense techniques
    • Develop strength, control, form, flexibility, and muscle tone
    • Have fun while learning a new skill and making friends!
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    Almost all fitness programs help you attain a better physique, but how many of them actually help to train the brain? Kill two birds with one stone through Tai Chi, a legendary martial art that will bring together your mind and body to act as one! Anybody who has ever tried to practice traditional Tai Chi at least once understands that it is not a simple relaxation exercise, but a great practical art, the study of which will aid you on your journey towards finding your true self, revealing your potential, and reaching self-fulfillment. Learn body control, balance, and timing as part of your training, and begin to see more intrinsic and internal benefits once you absorb the foundation of this art. Develop greater breathing control, flexibility, and mental focus as you unify your being and truly take control of every aspect of your self!

    12217 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles

    • Become familiar with the basic moves of Tai Chi, a martial art that focuses equally on the mind as it does on body
    • Learn breathing control, balance, external movements, and proper timing
    • Develop a keen knowledge of yourself as you improve your speed and mental clarity
    • Practice a useful new set of skills in an encouraging and welcoming environment
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