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— Tai Chi
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    Tai Chi Chuan

    Tai chi chuan: "supreme ultimate fist." With origins in 12th Century Chinese culture, tai chi chuan acted as a formative influence to taoists and buddhists. Not much has changed since then, and with this class, you will experience why. A combination of martial arts and philosophy, tai chi chuan is an application martial art derived and created from Kung Fu, in which you practice slow, controlled breathing and internal training. As a well-rounded art loaded with health and fitness benefits, tai chi continues to rise in popularity in the U.S. Learning how to relax your body through a combative system, you'll quickly find a healthier, stress-free self.
    Tai Chi Chuan

    134-20 Northern Blvd, Queens

    • Learn the fundamentals of tai chi chuan
    • Combine elements of martial arts and philosophy, such as slow, controlled breathing, and internal training
    • Embrace the health and fitness benefits of tai chi chuan
    • No experience necessary
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    Wu Style Tai Chi

    Tai Chi is an internal martial art that relies on leverage, energy, and body mechanics to control one's opponent. Using the slow, but very crucial fundamental movements of tai chi, this application can be lethal. Whether you're looking to improve your self-defense or to meditate and strengthen your mind, tai chi requires total body coordination and focus. While improving your strength, balance and stability, you'll simultaneously boost your overall health, boosting cardiovascular circulation. Tai chi combines power and strength with an overwhelming sense of relaxation and oneness.
    Wu Style Tai Chi

    115 W 28th St, New York

    • Integrate Tai Chi principles of lethal, combative movements and ultimate relaxation into your fitness regimen
    • Connect your mind and body, with fluid movements and a new sense of oneness
    • Relax your spirit, through the flow of this meditative martial arts
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    Tai Chi Chuan

    Perfected by Chinese Taoists and developed during the time of Confucius, this ancient practice connects the mind and body. Tai Chi creates a sense of oneness and complete relaxation through fluid and natural movements. In this martial arts class, analyze how the body flows, working to strengthen your cardiovascular and immune systems, and prevent body strain, while simultaneously revitalizing your body, mind and energy. Through martial arts practices, you'll learn a exercise that specializes in clearing your head and reducing stress. Find your inner chi and become a more relaxed, whole being.
    Tai Chi Chuan

    278 Lincoln Ave, Staten Island

    • Connect the mind and body and feel complete relaxation
    • Become aware of the flow of movement and learn to prevent body strains
    • Renew energy, stamina, and agility to bring yourself back to balance
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