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    Tai Chi & Qigong

    Chronic eye twitch? Sleepless nights? Conversations with your imaginary friends ending in fist fights? You could start a fight club-- but if you're looking for a more peaceful way to sooth your nerves, consider tai chi. During this instructive course, you'll be focusing on the Hunyuan Taiji system, which focus on a strong foundation in Qignong and Chen Style Tai Chi. Both of these forms are said to have incredible health benefits, including reduced stress, lowered blood pressure, decreased arthritis pain, and more. So don't wait any longer; take this class, and find the inner peace you've been looking for.
    Tai Chi & Qigong

    204 S 348th St, Federal Way

    • Find out what the ancient, slow-flowing practice of tai chi is all about
    • Increase body awareness, and improve mobility and range of motion
    • Reduce stress and increase focus, amongst other mental health benefits
    • Discover a low-impact practice that is both fitness regime and meditation
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    Chen Tai Chi

    Experience the dual relaxation and strengthening that results from the practice of Chen Tai Chi. All classes include gentle preparation exercises to warm up, loosen, strengthen and tone the body. There is also standing meditation to calm down, activate energy and improve posture, and "Silk Reeling" a simple, clear movement and meditation sequence that conveys the most basic elements of Taijiquan body/mind coordination. Leave class feeling rejuvenated and empowered after all of the technique you will learn. Center your mind and your body in a Chen Tai Chi Class.
    Chen Tai Chi

    1716 NW Market St, Seattle

    • Relax and meditate as you learn the fundamental movements of Tai Chi
    • Connect the mind and body to create a sense of oneness and relaxation
    • Improve your concentration, breathing, coordination, and peace of mind
    • Leave the lesson feeling more relaxed, calm and in tune with your mind and body
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