Polynesian Dance

What to expect
  • Learn the Hawaiian hula and Tahitian o'tea, with help from an expert instructor who will work with you at your desired pace
  • Understand how story can be told through dance
  • Practice swaying your hips to a fast drum dance
  • Develop a new sense of self-confidence and coordination, while increasing overall fitness
Want to practice a dance but don't have much experience? This class is PERFECT for the leiperson!

Come to Hip Expressions and learn the dances of the Polynesian Islands, including Hawaiian hula and Tahitian o'tea! Hula is an ancient Hawaiian art form, which rhythmically tells a story through dance and hand movements, while the Tahitian o'tea is a very fast drum dance, done using rapid hip movements. In modern day Tahiti, it is performed at festivals and events, though it originated as a warrior dance.

Be prepared to dance with flowing arms and swaying hips... and a little bit of sweat too!
Key Highlights
Price $16.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
There are no refunds; all sales are final.

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