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    Absolute Beginners Makela Tango

    It may take two to tango, but it only takes one person to take the first step and sign up for this class -- you! During this class designed specifically for absolute beginner tango students, you'll follow along to the instructions of an experienced and friendly professional who will lead you and your fellow students in drills of basic tango moves. Practice very basic concepts of footwork and arm movements while you pick up on the sassy, stylistic cues that are trademark of tango. Plus, there's no pressure to be a dancing pro or even to find someone to come take this class with you! See you out there, you dancing star!
    Absolute Beginners Makela Tango

    12121 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles

    • Introduce yourself to the intimate art of tango with this absolute-beginners-level class
    • Learn the basic moves and motions of tango, including footwork and arm placement, from a trained professional
    • Enjoy working in a low-pressure, fun studio environment with fellow beginner students
    • Pick up some skills that will be incredibly useful the next time you find yourself on the dance floor
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    The turn in Tango is its most iconic move. If you can't master it, then you might as well be spinning in circles. Lucky for you, Oxygen Tango will set you in the right (or left) direction with this introductory class focused on all things turn. You'll become technically proficient in working the "grapevine pattern," which is the default sequence in most tango giros (turns), and its master the secret ingredient that postulant dancers into sizzling artists. You'll take turns leading and following, turning left and right and practicing footwork in solo drills that, while technically demanding, are the perfect entry point for serious students. If you want to tango like a star, this is your chance. It's your turn to shine!

    12958 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles

    • Master the art of red-hot tango turns working with expert dancers
    • Practice a tango footwork pattern fundamental to most tango turns
    • Elevate your dancing ability from hobbyist to professional
    • Experience the joy one of dance's most expressive styles
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    3 positive reviews
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