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— Tango
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    Tango Date Night: Dinner & Dancing

    Indulge your date in a seductive evening spent learning the Argentine tango and a romantic dinner for two. During the one-hour lesson, top-rated Argentine Tango instructors will guide you through the basic steps of the sultry Argentine Tango and some fun sexy tango moves designed to stoke the fires between you. After the lesson, sit down to a candlelit three-course gourmet dinner. Then get back out on the dance floor and put what you’ve learned into action at the dance social and enjoy a special tango performance by the pros Whether you’re going on your first date or celebrating your 40th anniversary, this will be a sizzling night to remember!
    Tango Date Night: Dinner & Dancing

    8 East 36th Street, New York

    • Treat yourself and your significant other to an Argentine Tango date night, complete with a 3 course gourmet candlelight dinner with wine
    • World-class performance or Live Tango music & Live DJ dancing till midnight
    • Learn steps, combos, and embellishments during a 1-hour tango lesson
    • Put your new tango skills to work during a post-dinner social
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    Tango Absolute Beginners Class

    Do your dance moves lack pizzazz? Is your go-to move The Carlton? Expand your repertoire with this tango class for beginners. In closed embrace concept of lead and follow, cross and parallel walk systems, 6, 8 & 10 count basic, cruzada, weight changes, ochos, rock step, turns, gancho, lapiz, sacada, barridas, and more, this course is designed to get you moving on the dance floor from your first lesson. Start your Tango journey TODAY!
    Tango Absolute Beginners Class

    213 E 82nd St, New York

    • Learn fundamental Tango moves such as the embrace, ochos, and rock step
    • Practice improvising elegant and seductive dance steps with confidence
    • Wow your friends with your new suave dance moves
    • No experience necessary
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    Advanced Tango

    Are you a trained dancer with at least 2 years of experience? Join this advanced class to master Tango skills like you never thought you could. From learning technical movements to improvising with your own personal flare, this class is sure to challenge your technical skills and creativity all while meeting new people and making new friends. Your expert instructor will come equipped with all the knowledge needed to expand your Tango skills and technique. On your next night out dancing, make sure to bust out your new moves. They will be sure to impress the crowd!
    Advanced Tango

    25 W 31st, Street , New York

    • Refine your traditional Argentine Tango techniques with an expert instructor
    • Learn advanced step combinations with complex embellishments
    • Develop your own style and improvisation skills
    • Explore musicality with various rhythms and orchestras
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