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    Advanced Tango

    Are you a trained dancer with at least 2 years of experience? Join this advanced class to master Tango skills like you never thought you could. From learning technical movements to improvising with your own personal flare, this class is sure to challenge your technical skills and creativity all while meeting new people and making new friends. Your expert instructor will come equipped with all the knowledge needed to expand your Tango skills and technique. On your next night out dancing, make sure to bust out your new moves. They will be sure to impress the crowd!
    Advanced Tango

    133 E 27th St, New York

    • Refine your traditional Argentine Tango techniques with an expert instructor
    • Learn advanced step combinations with complex embellishments
    • Develop your own style and improvisation skills
    • Explore musicality with various rhythms and orchestras
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    Intro to Tango Trial

    Discover the mystery of the Argentine Tango… a unique and sophisticated dance with etiquette beyond the steps a sensual, relaxed, slow pace dance where the “embrace means acceptance” a new way to connect with people using the language of the body. We want to invite you to have a taste of tango and its culture. Come to find out about our school, our teachers and our learning system. In this “taste of tango” introductory class you will get a two hour class introducing you to all the basic fundamentals of tango. It is guaranteed you will be dancing by the end of the class. It’s a great way to begin tango for those who have never danced it before.
    Intro to Tango Trial

    500 8th Ave, New York

    • Learn the beginnings of the elegant style of Argentine Tango from an experienced community of dancers
    • Build confidence and meet new people looking for a new experiences, just like you!
    • Begin dancing the tango after just one lesson of the basic fundamentals
    • Hit the dance floor running... (err, dancing!) in this hands-on class where you'll learn as you go
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    Milonga Basics

    Take the fire, rhythms, and style of tango, then loosen it all up and relax the form, throw in a healthy dose of the enthusiasm of folk dancing, and what do you have? Milonga! In this introductory lesson, you'll learn the basic positions, steps, and transitions of this exciting, engaging art form. Whether you're leading or following, you'll have an incredible time learning new rhythms and moves. Build your confidence and musicality all in one class! You'll have so much fun weaving your way around the room, you may not even notice the killer workout you're giving your legs.
    Milonga Basics

    151 W 46th St, New York

    • Discover the exciting art of milonga, a twist on a traditional Argentine tango
    • Learn exciting, fundamental positions, steps and transitions
    • Have an amazing time improving your coordination and rhythm
    • No experience necessary
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    3 positive reviews
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