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    Dancing Tango (San Francisco)

    So you want to learn how to tango. And who doesn't? After all, this world-famous dance is passionate and also incredibly sexy, props to all the controlled intimacy. During this class, you'll learn all there is to know about what makes a good tango dancer. Improve your rhythm and musicality, learn about connection between partners, and establish the proper posture while walking and embracing. By the end of the class, you'll have left that shy shell behind and turned into an expert on the fundamental codes of tango!
    Dancing Tango (San Francisco)

    3450 3rd Street, San Francisco

    • Learn the basics of tango, a popular style of ballroom dance
    • Execute the proper posture during walking and embracing
    • Improve your rhythm and musicality, and find out how to make a strong connection with your partner
    • Practice the fundamental codes of tango, such as how to properly ask for a dance, in a supportive and friendly crowd of regular attendees
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    Argentine Tango & Milonga

    Get ready to immerse yourself in the dramatic, sensual world of the Argentine tango and the looser, equally impressive milonga. Your expert instructor will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of these complementary ballroom dances, with such moves as body positions, basic rhythms, steps, and techniques for leading and following. The choreography will help you to build impressive strength in your legs and core, not to mention wildly improving your coordination and rhythm. The new confidence in just how good you look on the dance floor won't hurt either.
    Argentine Tango & Milonga

    5855 Christie Ave, Emeryville

    • Discover the sultry world of the Argentine tango and the folk-infused milonga
    • Practice fun, fundamental steps by leading or following
    • Build impressive strength in your legs and core while having fun
    • No experience necessary
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