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    Champagne Sunset Cruise

    Twice a year, a sunset beautifully illuminates the Manhattan streets with the sun setting perfectly down each streetway. You shouldn't be forced to experience Manhattanhenge's beauty only twice per year. With the Champagne Sunset Cruise, you have a chance to experience this beautiful sunset whenever you want. You'll traverse the island's waterways, visiting bridges, Governor's Island, Ellis Island, and parts of Queens and Brooklyn. All the while, sip on a tasty drink and relax on the boat deck. How much better can life get?
    Champagne Sunset Cruise

    62 Chelsea Piers, New York

    • Sail on a luxurious 1920s yacht, watching the sunset on the Manhattan skyline
    • Enjoy views of Battery Park, Statue of Liberty, and various architecturally and historically significant bridges
    • Sip a complimentary beverage during the trip
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    Tandem Jet Ski Rental

    When was the last time you ventured into the open water? Was it that vacation to Florida or the time your friend dared you to jump in the Hudson? With Rockaway Jet Ski, you will be given a jet ski to spend part of your day traveling the waters surrounding Manhattan. You will enjoy views of the city not many experience or appreciate, and become intimate with famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Governor's Island and the Brooklyn Bridge. Sound tempting? As you zip across the water and the misty breeze hugs your body, you'll embrace this refreshing experience of the city's charm. The perfect activity to help you fight the city heat!
    Tandem Jet Ski Rental

    375 Beach 92nd St, Queens

    • Rent a jet ski and explore NYC's surrounding waters, getting up close and personal with some of the city's famous landmarks
    • Enjoy a thrilling day zipping on the water, and feel world's away from the bustling city
    • Dry off after docking and enjoy dinner, cocktails, and live entertainment at a delicious Thai restaurant
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    Chicago on Broadway

    So you wanna visit Broadway, see a musical, and all that jazz. Well, you're covered with all that jazz in Broadway's red-hot musical smash Chicago, the recipient of six Tony Awards, a Grammy, and thousands of standing ovations. Let's add a bit of Chicago to New York. Here, you'll see the electrifying tale of murder, greed, and showbiz. With that, witness spectacular Broadway dancing, featuring showstopper after showstopper. It's no wonder Chicago's remarked as insanely entertaining and the best stop on Broadway.
    Chicago on Broadway

    520 8th Ave , New York

    • Watch the red-hot, world-famous, Broadway musical, Chicago, beneath the big city lights
    • Enjoy the showstopping tunes and gorgeous ensemble choreography
    • Experience one of the best musicals on Broadway with this hot ticket
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    Whitewater Rafting -- Upper West Side

    If you're looking for a thrill-packed way to spend the day, whitewater rafting may be a perfect activity for you. Join as the Army Corps of Engineers releases thousands of gallons of water into the Lehigh River, creating the adventure of a lifetime. In an intimate setting, guides will teach you everything you need to know about the river and the surrounding majestic scenery, as well as the basic fundamentals of whitewater rafting. You will paddle down a 12-mile stretch of 17 different class I-III rapids. Enjoy the rush of the year as you tackle some of the toughest water in the U.S.
    Whitewater Rafting -- Upper West Side

    2152 Broadway, New York

    • Enjoy a day of intense whitewater rafting 17 different rapids
    • Learn the basic fundamentals and techniques of rafting
    • Enjoy rush of water, and beautiful landscape
    • No experience necessary
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    Glassblowing Lesson for Two

    Looking for something fun and different to do with your best friend or significant other? Learn the ancient art of glassblowing in this private lesson for two. During this two hour class you will explore a wide range of the glass forming techniques, from basic glass forming skills to Venetian cane. Color applications, cold working, and other processes such as casting will be studied as well. Try something different from your everyday activities and express your artistic talents!
    Glassblowing Lesson for Two

    499 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn

    • Private lesson for two
    • Cover a number of glassblowing techniques starting from the basics
    • Learn about color applications, cold working, castling, and more
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    Hike & Hound

    Discover Outdoors let the dogs out... and they're itching for adventure. In a city lacking places for pups to explore, you'll head to Animal Haven, a non-profit dog shelter, for a private volunteer orientation with the Animal Haven staff (counts as the first of two for certification as an Animal Haven volunteer), and to meet your new four-legged best friends for the day. You will embrace the beauty, nature, and fresh air of the great outdoors, as you hike trails, boulders, and waterfalls. With man's best friend by your side, you may even indulge in a few belly rubs. Escape the hectic cityscape and take in a nature-filled adventure with an adorable dog.
    Hike & Hound

    251 Centre St, New York

    • Hike through the woods with a trusty dog as a companion
    • Complete a private Animal Haven volunteer orientation
    • Experience fresh air and nature
    • Enjoy the majestic scenery: boulders, waterfalls, and more
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