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    Empress of the Globe

    You've been caught trying to steal from legendary ship captain The Empress, and she's locked you up for it! All you wanted was her magical treasure with the power to control the seas, but right now you're just focused on breaking out of the Empress' brig in under 45 minutes -- ideally with treasure in hand. You'll need to be resourceful and know how to keep your cool. Who knows what will happen if the Empress catches you breaking out and trying to steal the magical treasure again? Do you have the sneakiness and the cunning to escape the brig and find the treasure undetected? Find out, in this cinematic LGE Escape Room game!
    Empress of the Globe

    3300 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas

    • Break out of the brig, where you and your fellow scoundrels have been locked up for piracy
    • See if you can steal the treasure with the power to can control the seas
    • Use your intelligence, sneakiness and composure to break out of the jail and find the treasure, all in under 45 minutes
    • See if you and your friends could have made it as real swashbucklers
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    VORE Challenge

    Tired of losing your shirt on the Strip? Escape the city, and lose your mind instead! Challenge your sense of sanity with 60 miles of wild driving. Plus, kick back for another 60 miles of maneuvers while a friend takes the wheel. All told, cover 120 miles over the course of several hours of sheer madness. In the process, conquer the famed MINT 400 race course, which cuts across a surreal desert landscape. Plus, get orientated with an instructional video and professional guidance, so you're not stuck in neutral. See you in the funny pages.
    VORE Challenge

    12801 U.S. 95, South Boulder City

    • Treat yourself to a thrilling off-road romp across 100 miles of desert
    • Spend half of your experience driving, and half riding shotgun
    • Take on the historic MINT race course
    • Learn under the guidance of an experienced off-road driver
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