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    Trail Rides - Westward Look

    Do you ever sigh and say, "Oh, I should have been a cowboy"? Well, this one's for you. Just a westward look for the westward soul. No huge commitments or career-changes are required, but this trip's definitely a great way to get a taste of life in the saddle. Learn the basics, follow your guide's lead, and hey -- relax! You're in "The Old Pueblo" now. Time to kick back, enjoy the scenery and smell the cacti. Speaking of cacti, keep an eye out! There are all kinds of wonders in northwest Tucson, and your informative guide will be happy to share fun facts about the trail. Be on the lookout for such sights as the "jumping cactus" or any little burrows inhabited by ground owls. They're cute little critters. And don't forget Rule One for all cowfolk in the making: Don't squat with your spurs on!
    Trail Rides - Westward Look

    245 E Ina Rd, Tucson

    • Get a chance to check out northwest Tucson, nestled in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains
    • Learn how to lead a horse with experienced, knowledgeable rangers who are sure to inform and entertain
    • Discover beautiful vistas of Tucson Valley and the surrounding mountains on horseback!
    • Keep an eye out for natural wonders such as the "jumping cactus"and burrows inhabited by ground owls along the trail!
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    Master Your Camera Controls

    Some moments you want to capture forever -- your finger over the sunset ain't one of them. So it turns out that fancy new Digital SLR Camera you bought is actually just a rubix cube without all the pretty colors. Lucky for you, the solution is a snap. Develop your photography skills with Digital Photo Academy! Master the art of digital photography during this workshop class and by the time you're done, things will start to click -- mainly your camera. You'll learn about your camera's essential functions from an experienced photographer and get tips on on how to improve your shot. You'll be the center of attention, with a maximum of five students per session. This class is so perfect, it might just deserve a photoshoot of its own. Get the picture?
    Master Your Camera Controls

    3400 E Zoo Ct, Tucson

    • Learn to use the basic functions of your Digital SLR Camera
    • Get insights and tips from a trained photographer who will help you every step of the way
    • Enjoy a small class size with lots of personalized attention
    • Take your photography skills to an all new level and make every snap shot picture perfect
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