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    Kennedy Space Center Tour

    "Houston, we have an awesome Florida activity." Explore Kennedy Space Center on this out-of-this-world day tour! Upon arriving at the Space Center (courtesy of complimentary transportation from select Orlando hotels), you'll be met by a real live astronaut for a welcome presentation. Then you'll walk through the Space Shuttle Atlantis, the only shuttle on display in flight mode with its bay doors open. It has tons of fun interactive exhibits, perfect for all ages. You can try landing the space shuttle with a simulator or slide down the giant incline slide! Following this, you'll be able to spend the rest of your day however you see fit. This can include the Shuttle Launch Experience, the NASA Bus Tour, or IMAX movies!
    Kennedy Space Center Tour

    SR 405, Titusville

    • Meet a real-life astronaut, who will give you a comprehensive welcome tour
    • Ask your guide questions about the incredible science and history of the space center
    • Climb aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis, which is decked out with simulators and fun hands-on exhibits
    • Watch IMAX movies or head out on the NASA Bus Tour!
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    Winery Tour

    Usually when someone asks what type of wine you want, you think, "Red or White"? But do you ever think "Blue"? That's right, you can make wine from blueberries! Come on down to Whispering Oaks for a free tour! You'll get a chance to see a totally different style of winery, getting a behind the scene look at an interesting variation on your standard grape vineyard. Whispering Oaks Winery's blueberries are grown on their own farm, with expert attention to soil, water, PH, light and temperature. They nurture their blueberries so that the berries are unrivaled and produce the best wines in Florida! Next time you ask your guests what type of wine they want, you can be a little more patriotic -- red, white or BLUE!
    Winery Tour

    10934 N County Rd 475, Oxford

    • Enjoy a free winery tour with a twist -- blueberries instead of grapes!
    • Learn how they monitor soil, water, PH, light and temperature to produce some of the best wine in Florida
    • Get a behind the scenes look at the wine-making process
    • Pick up a bottle on your way out to surprise your guests at your next meal
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    Digital Adventure Walking Tours (Orlando)

    READ: This is not your typical city tour. During this interactive game, you'll dash to each of over 10 checkpoints where you'll either answer a question with the given clues or perform a Crazy Dash Task. Be prepared to document yourself doing some of these things! You can form teams, race your friends, or just take it as an afternoon of friendly fun! Oh, and if you ever feel like you need a hint, there's a guide just a phone call away!
    Digital Adventure Walking Tours (Orlando)

    195 N Rosalind Ave, Orlando

    • Enjoy an unconventional tour of Orlando with Crazy Dash Task, an interactive game
    • Answer trivia questions or perform a Crazy Dash Task at over 10 checkpoints in the city
    • Take plenty of silly photos of yourself doing some of these things
    • Form teams, race your friends, or simply bond with your family over some friendly competition
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    Downtown Ghost Tour

    This tour will take you on a scare-centric tour of historic downtown Orlando, home of the some the creepiest unsolved mysteries and spooky scandals in American history. Your knowledgeable tour guide will fill you in on the history of these spooky places. Along the way you'll get to try out professional ghost hunting equipment, just like the pros use. Ghost hunting is an unpredictable business, so you'll never know what you might see! If it's raining, don't forget to wear your ghoul-oshes!
    Downtown Ghost Tour

    129 W Church St, Orlando

    • Embark on a ghost hunting tour around historic downtown Orlando
    • Explore haunted buildings and become acquainted with some of the city's greatest unsolved mysteries
    • Make use of professional ghost-hunting equipment to use during the tour
    • Get your adrenaline pumping and see if you spot anything unexplainable along the way
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