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    Amish Visit-In-Person Tour

    Feeling a little too wired? Get off the grid with a deep dive into Amish country! This remarkable tour offers an inside look into the world of Lancaster's Amish population, thanks to trips to three different Amish properties. Your first stop will be a visit to an Amish farm, where you'll check out a barn and watch cows get milked for all they're worth! You'll also learn about how "Amish electricity" is used to keep the milk cold. Next up, you'll get a look at how the Amish approach entrepreneurship with a trip to a small business featuring handcrafted products. Finally, you'll head out into the country to get a sense of Amish family life. You'll be invited as a guest into a home, where you'll learn about Amish family values, living without technology, and other facets of the Amish faith during a casual chat. But seriously, how do they make plans without texting each other upon arrival?
    Amish Visit-In-Person Tour

    3121 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in-Hand

    • Get in touch with Amish culture during an insider's tour of Lancaster's Amish settlement
    • Visit an Amish farm to learn about milking at milking time and a small Amish business to learn about Plain entrepreneurship first-hand
    • Spend time in an Amish home learning about their way of life and values directly from the family
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    Markets, Mosaics, and Magic Tour

    Take on the diversity of Philly in the best way possible – local style! Begin your Philadelphia neighbourhood tour on the ever-colourful South Street. Follow your local guide through the streets of the Bella Vista neighbourhood for your first glimpse of some beautiful mosaics. We’ll swing by a historic deli, duck into a tempting bakery, and marvel at the sights, smells, and sounds of the famous Italian Market. Art, culture, diversity and of course, the spirit of Rocky lives on in South Philly! Join this Philadelphia tour to see just how eclectic this gritty city is. From Jewish delis to Italian markets, churches, cemeteries, and public art, South Philly is a slice of the real Philly.
    Markets, Mosaics, and Magic Tour

    S 9th St,, Philadelphia

    • Discover the hidden gems of some of the most historic neighborhoods in the country
    • Admire Isaiah Zagar’s beautiful one-of-a-kind mosaics at the Magic Gardens
    • Wander among the colourful stalls and enjoy the tastes of the shops, cafes, and restaurants at the world-famous Italian Market
    • Take a glimpse into one of the city’s most charming neighbourhoods and finish on Philly's eclectic South Street
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    Constitutional Walking Tour

    The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia takes you on a walking journey through America's Most Historic Area - the birthplace of America's nation. Step back in time to see where The Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution were created. This 75-minute walking adventure includes more than 20 historic sites in the Independence National Historical Park, including the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

    Philadelphia is best seen by foot. See more than 20 historic sites and attractions in 75 minutes on a 1.25-mile outdoor walking journey, including:

    • Independence Hall
    • The Liberty Bell Center
    • Betsy Ross House
    • National Constitution Center
    • Declaration House
    • Signers' Walk
    • Carpenters' Hall
    • Franklin Court
    • B. Free Franklin Post Office
    • Christ Church Burial Ground
    • The First Bank of the U.S.
    • Congress Hall
    • Old City Hall
    • Library Hall
    • Christ Church
    • The Signer
    • Second Bank of the U.S.
    • New Hall Military Museum
    • Arch Street Friends Meeting House

    This tour is seasonal and operates from April to November only.

    Constitutional Walking Tour

    525 Arch St, Philadelphia

    • Journey through the historic birthplace of the American nation
    • Visit more than 20 historic sites in the Independence National Historical Park, including the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall
    • Learn the stories of these historically rich sites with a friendly, knowledgeable tour guide
    • Enjoy this 1.25-mile outdoor walking journey and experience the city's landmarks best seen by foot
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    Amazing Scavenger Hunt (Philadelphia)

    Looking for a way to turn Philadelphia into a giant game board? Urban Adventure Quest has created an interactive scavenger hunt that combines the fun of the amazing race with a three-hour sightseeing tour of Philadelphia. Guided from any smart phone, groups make their way among well-known and overlooked gems of the city, solving clues and completing challenges while learning local history. The adventure begins in the heart of the historic center of town and will take you on a journey among amazing iconic sights, famous houses, cool murals and other secret spots of the city. So put down that Philly cheese steak and declare your independence from boredom...Play the Game, See the Sights, and Experience Philadelphia in a whole new way!
    Amazing Scavenger Hunt (Philadelphia)

    Washington Square, Philadelphia

    • Compete in a fun, interactive scavenger hunt around the city of Austin guided by your smartphone
    • Answer questions and complete challenges to guide you to your next location on the tour
    • Adventure by famous Philadelphia landmarks such as the Liberty Bell and the Betsy Ross House
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