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    Lincoln Assassination Tour

    Journey back in time with your expert local guide to learn about the three'pronged attack designed to decapitate the U.S. Government. Shrouded in mystery, intrigue and conspiracy, the assassination of the 16th U.S. president has fascinated Americans and foreigners for nearly 150 years. Come along on this family friendly tour to meet the characters, walk the streets, and see the buildings where this great drama played out. Pass by the White House, U.S. Treasury, the site of Vice President Johnson's Hotel, the Star Saloon, and the Ford Theater to relive the tragic night that changed the course of our nation's history forever.
    Lincoln Assassination Tour

    Lafayette Square, Washington

    • Take a tour that will let you relive a tragic night that changed the course of our nation's history forever
    • Experience the mystery, intrigue and conspiracy surrounding the assassination of the 16th U.S. president
    • Follow your expert local guide to the White House, Ford Theater, and other locations where the events played out
    • Learn about the three'pronged attack designed to decapitate the U.S. Government
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    America's Collection: National Gallery of Art Tour

    Now join us for the pledge of allegiance. Please stand and put your hand over your art... You got that right! Your art! The nation's capital is typically thought of as a world of economics and politics -- but it has an artsy side too! Come check out America's Collection of beautiful pieces on this incredible tour! Explore the National Portrait Gallery and weave your way through time and space as you view works from all across the globe. During the tour you'll see works from 13th Century Italy, 17th Century Netherlands, 18th Century France, and much more! Your educated tour guide will shed light on the significance and cultural context of the pieces, and be able to answer any questions you might have. It's time to paint the town -- oh wait, these artists already did!
    America's Collection: National Gallery of Art Tour

    6th & Constitution Ave NW, Washington

    • Visit the National Portrait Gallery, the nation's own art collection established in 1941
    • Learn about the history of European, Asian, and American art, the development of the nation's art school, and the role of art in American culture
    • Discuss aesthetics and trends in art, and the ideas and concepts portrayed through paintings
    • See paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts from all over the world!
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    The National Mall Tour

    Let's go to the mall today! No, not a shopping mall -- The National Mall! Come learn about the nation's capital and the creation of this historic city! Explore the nation's capital with a museum educator or public historian to give you all of the facts, anecdotes, and stories along the way! You'll walk along the National Mall, learning about the area's rich history as you visit the many white marble sites of the city. You'll even learn about the creation story of the mall, from a sheep pasture to a venue for concerts, events, and protests. Each tour will be tailored to the tour guides specialities and your personal interests, so you will also learn much, much more! Don't miss this district!
    The National Mall Tour

    900 Ohio Dr SW, Washington

    • Visit the Potomac, The Capitol, The Reflecting Pool, and more!
    • Learn about the shaping of the nation's capital, and the history of the landscape
    • Discuss the urban planning of Washington D.C., the many memorials in the district, and much, much more
    • See historical monuments, buildings, and architecture of the nation's most patriotic city!
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