Tap Beginners

What to expect
  • Discover the basic techniques of tap dancing like the shuffle, flap, and dig
  • Explore this legendary dance style and learn the basic component of tap: the stomp
  • Enjoy the music that comes from the iconic sound of tap shoes
  • Learn in a friendly, energetic, and dedicated environment
Tap dance is a full, expressive, and rhythmic experience. Come learn what goes into a tap dance routine with a class that will train you to be the best dancer you can be. The styles, techniques, and unique aspects of the dance will be covered for beginners. Brace yourself for this incredible art form, and prepare to learn the intricacies that are incorporated in its technique. As you train, you may begin to feel as deft as a professional stage performer who's been practicing for years. Join in the excitement, fun, and energy of learning tap dance!
Key Highlights
Price $15.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
Rating 2 positive reviews
Refunds will be provided if cancellation notice is provided prior to the start of class.

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