Gettysburg Battlefield Day Trip

What to expect
  • Explore the Civil War's most famous battlefield with a knowledgeable host
  • Visit the Gettysburg museum, cyclorama, and its famous fronts
  • Enjoy insights into the battles and most prominent figures
  • Treat yourself to a moving, educational, and hassle-free Gettysburg experience
Gettysburg. Glorious field of battle, or heart-rending calamity? Here's a tour that covers all the right bullet points. Or, musket balls, in this case.

Get the goods on the Civil War's bloodiest confrontation over the course of nine hours of educational explorations. Traipse alongside a knowledgeable Civil War guru, and enjoy startling fun facts, deep insights, and friendly repartee. Learn about the legends of the battlefield, the brilliant maneuvers, and the tactical mistakes. Review artifacts at the museum, and walk inside a dazzling cyclorama depicting Gettysburg's final three days. Stroll through fields of battle where thousands of soldiers fell for equality, home and country. Lose yourself in moments of meditation and remembrance.

Don't forget to bring a camera. And a hanky.

Note: The listed price is for 2 people.
Key Highlights
Price $345.00 per guest
Duration / Session 9 hours
# Sessions 1
There is no refund if the tour is cancelled 24 hours before the activity.

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