Ballroom All Levels

What to expect
  • Learn the fundamentals of some of the world's most popular social dances in a vibrant studio
  • Master steps and flourishes under the guidance of a professional dance instructor
  • Develop confidence, coordination, and the ability to partner with dancers of all skill levels
  • Expose yourself to the invigorating world of artistic expression offered by ballroom dancing
Turnabout is fair play, at least when it comes to ballroom dancing.

This dance class will teach you some of the most stylish ballroom dances, including tango, swing, foxtrot, and the waltz.

Whether you've got no dance experience at all, or are looking to add to your repertoire, you'll find yourself in good hands as you quickly improve your fundamental skills, such as leading, following, and learning to read your partner's intent so you can improvise on the floor.

The atmosphere is kept vibrant and social, and you'll rotate partners in class, getting experience with dancers of all levels. What a great way way to keep you on your toes!
Key Highlights
Price $10.00 per guest
Duration / Session 45 min
# Sessions 1
Rating 3 positive reviews
Classes are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled.

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