What to expect
  • Learn traditional Taijigong from certified instructors
  • Master Taijigong forms and relaxation techniques
  • Grow in mind and body while learning valuable life skills
  • Unwind with stretching and physical conditioning
Ever heard of Yin and Yang? Learn the Taoist teaching in this Taijigong class while also improving your mind and body with the help of professional instructors. Through unique exercises and practices, you'll uncover your Taji, or "Supreme Ultimate" state of infinite potential. You will learn the four basic aspects of Taijigong in a safe and welcoming environment. The first aspect of Taijigong, Eight Pieces of Brocade, will allow you to activate your Qi (internal energy), strengthen internal organs, enhance flexibility, and improve physiological functioning. The second, known as the Taiji Essential Movements, will introduce you to the basic movements from Tai Chi Chuan designed to improve structural integrity, core strength, and body alignment. The latter forms, Zhan Zhuang and Microcosmic Orbit, are the last pieces of the puzzle -- these fundamental aspects are designed to help you focus on the meditative principles of Taijigong. Become the martial artist you were born to be!
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Duration / Session 1 hour
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