What to expect
  • Improve your physical and mental health with the ancient art of Taiji, aka Tai Chi
  • Learn the fundamental kicks, blocks and forms of this Chinese martial art
  • Reduce stress and learn important lessons in meditation and concentration
  • Enjoy a free flowing and calming workout that will leave you feeling centered
Taiji, also known as Tai Chi, is a traditional Chinese martial art practiced both for its physical and mental health benefits and for self defense training. Noted for its positive effects on chronic illnesses, Taiji's soft, free flowing style will help students develop flexibility, reduce stress and learn important lessons in self discipline and concentration. Perfect for all ages, this class will teach you the fundamentals of traditional Taiji, including punches, throws, kicks and blocks. This course goes above and beyond a normal workout and promotes mental well-being as well as physical health. Try out this martial art that will benefit both your mind and body and leave you feeling centered.

Note: All ages and body types are welcome.
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Duration / Session 1 hour
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