Jeet Kune Do/Kali (Online)

What to expect
  • Take a self-defense class with instructors who teach everything under the guiding principle of "GET HOME SAFELY"
  • Practice a martial arts style invented by Bruce Lee for its practicality
  • Discover Kali, a martial arts style that focuses on weapons FIRST
  • Get in great shape while learning valuable self-defense skills
You may be wondering, what is Jeet Kune Do? Well, it's a beautiful martial-arts style invented by the master himself, Bruce Lee.

Even better? You can learn this style, along with a whole lot of other awesome styles, with Relentless MMA, working under the guiding principle of "GET HOME SAFELY"!

Put simply, this self-defense class is rooted in practicality, focused on doing whatever it takes to escape a fight unscathed. That may mean using Bruce Lee's awesome moves, but it may also mean engaging in Kali, a martial art that puts weapons in your hands from day one.

Throughout the class, you will also get a great workout, have fun, and, most importantly, get a major confidence boost. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Note: This is a free trial class for for first time attendees only.
Key Highlights
Price Free!
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
As a courtesy to fellow participants, please provide at least 24 hour cancellation notice.

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