Smoked Sausages!

What to expect
  • Learn about what goes into making smoked sausages and then make your own to eat and take home
  • Gain hands-on experience, so you can make smoked sausage anytime you want on your own
  • Gain knowledge about different sausages and techniques for smoking
  • Snack on your creations and bring some home to share (or not) with your family and friends
In this class you will learn all there is to know about smoked sausages including various types of sausage, smoking techniques, and drying. You will practice proper hanging, heat control, monitoring, and storing, so you come out with delicious, perfectly cooked sausages every time. Smoking is a slow cooking method that allows gives your food the most amount of time to develop unique flavors. Smoking is a great way to enhance the look and taste of meat as it allows for maximum time for the meat to absorb and develop flavors. It also increases foods longevity by slowing down the spoilage of fat and growth of bacteria. Next time you go to a deli counter at your local grocery store, don't be surprised if you catch yourself saying; "Hey, I know how to make that!"
Key Highlights
Price $100.00 per guest
Duration / Session 3 hours
# Sessions 1
There are no refunds; all sales are final

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