Tai Chi

What to expect
  • Explore the tranquil movements of Tai Chi, one of world's most meditative martial arts practices
  • Revitalize your body and reap the many health benefits associated with Tai Chi
  • Master breathing techniques that will help you achieve mental focus and control
  • Find joy in the simplicity and fluid motions of this timeless art
Sure, there's a time and place for pushing yourself to your limits. But sometimes the best way to get fit is to just go with the flow.

Add a whole new rhythm to your workout routine with a Tai Chi class from Work It! Studio, and you'll discover that pretty quickly for yourself! Based on an ancient system of Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi has evolved into a gentle, meditative workout that's wildly popular in Eastern cultures and on the rise in the West.

During this all-levels, all-ages class, you'll learn to combine graceful movements and rhythmic breathing into a flowing routine. This workout is designed to be easy on the joints, yet offers numerous physical health benefits, including improved motor control, balance, and flexibility. It also offers an excellent mental respite that can lead to stress reduction, increased focus, and a general positive outlook.

Plus, just think how new-world hip you'll look casually bragging about your Tai Chi class to friends. The perks are pretty much endless.
Key Highlights
Price $17.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
Cancellations must be provided at least 2 hours prior to class in order to receive a refund or reschedule.

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