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    White Salmon River Rafting Half-Day Trip

    Are you rugged, rough and tumble or just a straight-up badass? Prove it. Take a boat out on the Salmon River and take on some of the best class III-IV rapids around. You'll have prime conditions because glaciers of Mt. Adams combined with the immense aquifers in the area, keep the White Salmon raging all summer long! Ride the Maytag, Corner Cave, Grasshopper, and many other famous rapids on this epic endeavor. You'll love the gin-clear water, the fabulous weather and monstrous rapids that make the White Salmon River one of the most exciting half-day river rafting trips in the west. Test your mettle against the river and see how tough you really are.
    White Salmon River Rafting Half-Day Trip

    856 WA-141, White Salmon

    • Ride the White Salmon River, known to locals as one of the best-kept recreation secrets of the Northwest
    • Take advantage of your informative, friendly and professional guide
    • Rip down big, bouncy rapids with many large waves and powerful holes
    • Brave some of the toughest recreational waters available in this adrenaline-fueled adventure
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    Upper Klamath Whitewater Rafting

    If you've always thought rafting was an experienced person's game, worry no more. Momentum River Expeditions is hosting a day-long Upper Klamath River getaway, welcoming both old and new rafters. The river is mostly gentle, so you will have plenty of chance to warm up to the skills and technique before embracing the few challenging areas of the river. The satisfaction you'll get in knowing you can overcome subtle challenges of the sport will make for a euphoric experience. One whiff of the fresh, crisp Oregon air will keep you coming back for more. The accompanying sounds of the river beating against your raft will be sure to make this a sensual experience for both new and old rafters alike. Enjoy a continental breakfast before departure and nosh on a filling lunch for replenishment. You'll need to refuel before taking off again! Have a blast paddling your way through a fun experience!
    Upper Klamath Whitewater Rafting

    3195 E Main St, Ashland

    • Bask in the beauty of the Upper Klamath River with a day-long nature excursion
    • Become a comfortable and capable rafter by the end of the run
    • Enjoy a delicious continental breakfast, plus snacks and a generous lunch
    • Experience the Upper Klamath river like never before with this incredible rafting getaway
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    White Salmon River Rafting (WA - 3 Hours Weekdays)

    On the hunt for an outdoor experience that will exceed your overflowing desire for adventure? The White Salmon River will quench that thirst with wild rapids and surreal natural beauty! You'll gear up and hit the water with a certified guide and soon find yourself plunging through Class III-IV rapids that will leave you breathless -- Assuming you remember to breathe in the first place! Lose yourself on this eight-mile trip, the first five of which are nearly non-stop rapids. In addition to some of the best whitewater stretches in the Portland/Vancouver area, the White Salmon River is also blessed with gorgeous scenery -- literally, it cuts through a gorge. As you soar down the river, keep on the lookout for local wildlife that inhabit the forested banks in abundance. But don't forget to hold on tight, or you'll be checking out the fish instead!
    White Salmon River Rafting (WA - 3 Hours Weekdays)

    856 WA-141, Husum

    • Treat yourself to a half-day whitewater trip down the scenic White Salmon River
    • Navigate thrilling Class III and IV rapids with a certified river guide
    • Travel through a stunning, forested gorge for a great photo opportunity
    • Enjoy an outdoor escape that will inspire, challenge, and leave you charged
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