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    Winemaking Class

    How many times have you been to Napa Valley or Sonoma County? Forget about those long flights and expensive trips because now, you can learn to make your very own wine, locally. During this class, learn all about the winemaking process, from selecting the proper grapes, all the way to bottling and labeling. In the first of this two session class, you will discover various approaches and techniques to this art form, as well as create 24-28 bottles of your very own wine. Once your wine ferments, you'll return and fine tune your product by balancing, stabilizing, and adjusting the tannin and sugar levels of your vino. Finally bottle, cork, and label your final product so that it's ready to break out at your next party and impress all your guests. Stop for a second and smell the roses -- or grapes -- because the next world-famous vino could be right under your nose.
    Winemaking Class

    10033 S Western Ave, Chicago

    • Learn about the fine art of winemaking
    • Discuss winemaking approaches, bottling techniques, and what to look for when tasting wine
    • Practice making your very own Chardonnay or Cabernet to take home and enjoy
    • No experience necessary
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    Lake Michigan Shore Wine Tour

    Forget California. Forget France and Germany. There are some wonderful wines produced right here in the Midwestern states of Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Join an adventure through the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail, settled on the Eastern shores of Lake Michigan - a terrain that hosts numerous microclimates which make the region's wine diverse and unique. You'll visit 3 wineries sprinkled throughout the area on this eight-hour tour. Experience the lush countryside, home to over 10,000 acres of grapes. If you like wine, which you obviously do, then taste the best of the Midwest.
    Lake Michigan Shore Wine Tour

    505 N Michigan Ave, Chicago

    • Discover a variety of wines found right in the Midwest
    • Visit three wineries sprinkled throughout the city and uncover the region's diverse and unique wine characteristics
    • Explore the lush countryside that houses over 10,000 acres of grapes
    • Taste your way through the one-of-a-kind flavors of Midwest wines
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