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— Wine & Champagne
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    Chocolate Museum Tour & Wine Tasting

    Take your love of wine and chocolate to a new level, explore the origins of chocolate, and discover how to pair your favorite food with your favorite drink! First, you'll take a fun and educational tour that will boost your knowledge on all things chocolate. Your tour will start off with a journey through the tropical rainforest to learn all about cacao, before exploring chocolate's long, rich history. Once you've made your way through the centuries, you'll enter the popular sculpture area of the museum, where 25 solid chocolate sculptures of famous landmarks are just waiting to be seen. Along the way, you'll get to learn how chocolate is made, and even look at some of the machinery used in the process. Finally, you'll enter the tasting room, where you'll enjoy a wine and chocolate sampling that's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.
    Chocolate Museum Tour & Wine Tasting

    11701 International Dr, Orlando

    • Take a unique tour through the history of chocolate followed by a wine tasting
    • Enter a room of solid chocolate sculptures
    • Sample delicious chocolate and wine selections
    • Expand you knowledge and satisfy your tastebuds
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    Winery Tour

    Usually when someone asks what type of wine you want, you think, "Red or White"? But do you ever think "Blue"? That's right, you can make wine from blueberries! Come on down to Whispering Oaks for a free tour! You'll get a chance to see a totally different style of winery, getting a behind the scene look at an interesting variation on your standard grape vineyard. Whispering Oaks Winery's blueberries are grown on their own farm, with expert attention to soil, water, PH, light and temperature. They nurture their blueberries so that the berries are unrivaled and produce the best wines in Florida! Next time you ask your guests what type of wine they want, you can be a little more patriotic -- red, white or BLUE!
    Winery Tour

    10934 N County Rd 475, Oxford

    • Enjoy a free winery tour with a twist -- blueberries instead of grapes!
    • Learn how they monitor soil, water, PH, light and temperature to produce some of the best wine in Florida
    • Get a behind the scenes look at the wine-making process
    • Pick up a bottle on your way out to surprise your guests at your next meal
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