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    Zumba with Ida (Boys & Girls Club)

    Imagine getting fit while laughing, dancing, and smiling like you're at the best party of your life. Welcome to Zumba with Ida. This all-out, energy packed workout brings the fun of dance together with the energy of an intense cardio workout to get you moving while having a blast. Your professional instructor will motivate and lead you through a choreographed routine that incorporates Latin and pop dance styles while also stepping you into squats and lunges to get the most out of your workout. Whether you're just entering the world of fitness or want to add some new spice to your schedule, this class is perfect for all levels.
    Zumba with Ida (Boys & Girls Club)

    8635 Fremont Ave N, Seatlle

    • Have fun and get fit with the energetic dance workout of Zumba
    • Enjoy the guidance and motivation of a positive, fun-loving instructor
    • Tone up and increase your stamina
    • All skill levels are welcome
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    2 positive reviews
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    Are you the type of person that looks at a treadmill and thinks: "Sooooo boring but I guess I have to do it." If only you could burn a lot of calories while having a great time. Oh wait- how about the zumba class at Community Fitness? Combining traditional aerobics with spicy Latin beats, zumba will allow you to get fit and have fun at the same time. A typical class burns between 500-1000 calories! After a quick warm-up, you'll feel the rhythm in a song or two. Twin projector screens will enable you to see exactly what your experienced instructors are doing on stage. Join the party!

    6108 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle

    • Experience Zumba, a combination of fun Latin dance steps and high-energy music
    • Spice up your workout with salsa and merengue steps fused with calorie-blasting fitness moves
    • Have an exciting time toning your entire body and watching the pounds melt away
    • No experience necessary
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    6 positive reviews
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    Ladies Zumba

    Looking for the perfect activity to do with your girls? This ladies' zumba class will have you and your girlfriends coming back for more! Have fun getting fit together with this cardio workout that combines dance, aerobics, and Latin flair. You'll engage in a fast-paced fitness routine that can burn close to 1000 calories in the span of just one hour! Whatttt? AND this is fun? How is that possible?! Doesn't matter if you've got two left feet or the rhythmic talent of a certified dancer. You and your friends will dance to choreography inspired by merengue, rumba, salsa, and more! Come join the party!
    Ladies Zumba

    7722 Rainier Ave S, Seattle

    • Engage in a fun-and-fitness-filled cardio dance workout with zumba
    • Execute moves inspired by Latin dance styles like merengue and rumba
    • Burn calories while having fun dancing to upbeat music
    • Bond with your fellow ladies during an enjoyable, rewarding workout
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