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    Zumba with Nely

    Sweat and smiles don't usually go hand-in-hand. But this fitness class will not only shred calories, it'll leave you feeling on top of the world. Featuring a fusion of heart-thumping international music and dance moves, zumba really only requires that you don't stop moving! Whether you're a virtuoso dancer or you've got a penchant for walking into walls, you'll find yourself quickly having a great time, even forgetting about the effort you're putting in. This class will help develop your stamina and motor coordination, while building your core strength and giving you the toned, fit look you've always wanted. If you love to dance, you'll find yourself right at home in this social workout class. Best of all, you'll pick up some sweet new dance moves to break out the next time you go clubbing!
    Zumba with Nely

    5818-B Seminary Rd, Falls Church

    • Enjoy a Latin-inspired dance and fitness class with a friendly, motivating instructor
    • Shake it to some international beats to keep your workout as fun as it is effective
    • Increase your strength, stamina, and overall health as you tone your entire body
    • Execute easy-to-follow moves anyone can benefit from, no matter their fitness level
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    Zumba is a fitness-oriented dance style that is both fun and effective. In this introductory class, you will be welcomed to an environment where you'll get an exciting workout that feels a lot more like fun than work! Move to the Latin beats and exotic flare as you experiment with a variety of physical exercises. Get your arms, legs, and body into great shape while having a great time. Immerse yourself in a routine that will help you achieve the physical fitness you've always wanted -- but without the intensity some workouts have. It's an effective way to put exercise on your schedule!

    5200 Baltimore Ave, Hyattsville

    • Explore the exciting and exotic fitness-dance style of Zumba
    • Have a great time exercising in a positive environment that feels like a dance party
    • Mix in a variety of workouts in a program designed to tone your arms and legs
    • Get in great shape and make your exercises the best part of your day
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    2 positive reviews
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