What is Vimbly?

Vimbly is the fastest way to book thousands of activities, classes & date ideas.

These include:

  • dance
  • glassblowing
  • pizza making
  • wine tasting
  • improvisation
  • scotch pairing
  • samurai sword fighting
  • ... and more!

Learn more from our blog post on Vimbly's Three Wise Questions!

How does Vimbly Work?

  • Pick a category Magnifying glass
  • Choose a time slot Calendar
  • Have a great time Fireworks

Meet the Team

  • Sam Lundin Sam Lundin
    Sam Lundin Chief Executive Officer sam@vimbly.com

    Sam previously invested in tech companies at a hedge fund, with a focus on the Internet space. Before that, he was a tech M&A banker. Sam’s painful search for a photography class led him to Vimbly instead.

    Little Known Fact: Tries to eat chicken wings with a fork and knife.

  • Chris Yeung Chris Yeung
    Chris Yeung Chief Technology Officer chris@vimbly.com

    Previously a VP at BlackRock with a background in machine learning, life has taken Chris from 14.4k modems and cow tipping in Toronto to PHP and EDM in New York.

    Little Known Fact: Can dominate Sam in a typing speed competition.

  • Simon Hammer Simon Hammer
    Simon Hammer VP, Platform simon@vimbly.com

    Simon's the type of guy that eats a pre-brunch breakfast and a post-brunch lunch. When he's not at Vimbly HQ, you can find him in some kind of body of water... trying not to drown.

    Little Known Fact: Dominates Daniel in VR Basketball.

  • Ken Jacobs Ken Jacobs
    Ken Jacobs VP, Sales ken@vimbly.com

    In addition to nearly two decades of sales experience, Ken's domain expertise is in hailing taxis and taming wild horses (try challenging him in either). Raised in New York and educated in Arkansas, he knows how to make you laugh in 18 seconds or less.

    Little Known Fact: Nearly became a child star on the set of Romper Room.

  • McKellen Rattray McKellen Rattray
    McKellen Rattray Operations Manager mckellen@vimbly.com

    McKellen grew up in Japan & China and was a competitive gymnast, figure skater, and fencer. If she had a super power, it would be absorbing accents. Actually, she already has that power. Ask her to sound Russian, French, Singaporean, or anything else...

    Little Known Fact: Named after the actor, Sir Ian McKellen.

  • Daniel Kasman Daniel Kasman
    Daniel Kasman Director of Business Development daniel@vimbly.com

    Daniel grew up in Manhattan and London (although he was too young to remember London). He studied at Tulane University in New Orleans where he learned to eat seafood and appreciate jazz music. He enjoys playing sports and solitary strolls through Central Park.

    Little Known Fact: He brushes his teeth in the shower.

  • Zack Zeno Zack Zeno
    Zack Zeno Software Engineer zack@vimbly.com

    Best described below:

    $n = count($deck);
    for($i = 0; $i < $n; $i++) {
      $j = mt_rand($i, $n);
      $deck[$i] ^= $deck[$j];
      $deck[$j] ^= $deck[$i];
      $deck[$i] ^= $deck[$j];

    Little Known Fact: Fell out of a window taking an awesome picture.

  • Paul Lee Paul Lee
    Paul Lee Full Stack Developer paul@vimbly.com

    As a kid, Paul had an extreme enthusiasm for the anatomy of electronics, disassembling radio receivers, TVs, Playstations, iPhones and anything that had circuits in it -- despite almost getting electrocuted by a CRT monitor.

    Little Known Fact: Used to play bass guitar for a punk rock band.

  • Aleksey Vovk Aleksey Vovk
    Aleksey Vovk Full Stack Developer aleksey@vimbly.com

    Aleksey was born in Ukraine and grew up in Brooklyn. He enjoys buying technology before figuring out why he needs it -- even if it’s from SkyMall. He can usually be found turning every corner of New York City in search for exotic cuisine.

    Little Known Fact: Last name means wolf in Ukrainian.

  • Mallory Stein Mallory Stein
    Mallory Stein Project Manager mallory@vimbly.com

    Mallory grew up in a foreign land some know as Long Island and attended SUNY Binghamton where she studied engineering, witnessed occasional sun appearances, and spent two years as a vegetarian before realizing she had made a miSTEAK. Mallory is a self-proclaimed human Shazam and goes by Mal to non-telemarketers.

    Little Known Fact: Can name the make, model, and approximate year of almost any car she sees.

  • Chansoo Song Chansoo Song
    Chansoo Song Business Strategy & Operations chansoo@vimbly.com

    Chansoo was born in Seoul and grew up in San Francisco. He moved to New York for college and since then, the SF Giants have won 3 World Series, the 49ers have reached the Superbowl, and the Warriors have won a championship. He doesn’t believe in superstitions, but…

    Little Known Fact: Once hid in one bathroom stall with three people for 6 hours to sneak into a concert.

  • Ferina Casado Ferina Casado
    Ferina Casado User Engagement ferina@vimbly.com

    Born on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, Ferina moved to the US at the age of 2. Most weekends you can find her grilling anything she can get her hands on, pausing only for rain or snow. Ferina tries new cooking recipes like it’s her job -- so long as they don’t include Twizzlers...

    Little Known Fact: Suspects she is the only person alive who hates Twizzlers.

  • Cameryn Steiger Cameryn Steiger
    Cameryn Steiger Account Manager cameryn@vimbly.com

    Originally from Northern California, Cameryn grew up playing classical piano and tennis, and wearing flip flops year round. She is studying International Comparative Studies and Economics at Duke University. She loves to travel, go to concerts, and find trendy restaurants wherever she goes… and is a huge fan of NYC!

    Little Known Fact: Has slept in a tent for a month to go to the Duke/UNC basketball game.

  • Joe Mileo Joe Mileo
    Joe Mileo PHP Developer joe@vimbly.com

    Despite living just outside New York City his entire life, Joe never tires of the sights and sounds. From a young age, he was always tinkering away with old, neglected computers. He’s never one to turn down a good home-cooked meal and on weekends can be found out on the golf course (usually searching for a lost ball or two).

    Little Known Fact: Had a tooth knocked out by a younger sister when he was in 2nd grade (she was 4!).

  • Camilo Calle Camilo Calle
    Camilo Calle PHP Developer camilo@vimbly.com

    Camilo can be summed up in three words: curious, skeptical, and introverted. He’s always up for trying new cuisine, and enjoys listening to music while coding. Tell Camilo to get lost and he’ll take it quite literally. He loves exploring, whether it’s among skyscrapers or forests.

    Little Known Fact: Is allergic to chocolate, but doesn’t care, and insists on eating it until an allergic reaction begins.

  • Clint Lauby Clint Lauby
    Clint Lauby PHP Developer clint@vimbly.com

    Clint is a technologist who hails from Missouri. He constructs robots, develops web applications and rides electric skateboards during the day. At night, his alter-ego emerges to indulge in comedy, karaoke, and cat whispering. Clint has never met a bratwurst he didn't agree with.

    Little Known Fact: Is a Pokemon Master.

  • Melisa Chiem Melisa Chiem
    Melisa Chiem UX Designer melisa@vimbly.com

    Melisa is a UX designer who is passionate about designing digital products that help people. She was raised in paradise (otherwise known as Hawaii) and has lived on both the east and west coast, doing her best to improve digital experiences for users everywhere.

    Little Known Fact: Grew up speaking a rare Chinese dialect called Teo Chew.

  • Talitha Booker Talitha Booker
    Talitha Booker Web & Graphic Design Specialist talitha@vimbly.com

    Talitha grew up in New Jersey and loves to travel, listen to classical music, and watch comedy movies. She considers herself a choco-holic, but likes to think it’s balanced out by the amount of fruit she consumes. During her free time, Talitha enjoys playing the piano, going to the beach, and exploring theme parks.

    Little Known Fact: Dangerously afraid of heights, unless roller coasters are involved.

  • Shannon Gordon Shannon Gordon
    Shannon Gordon Graphic Designer shannon@vimbly.com

    Shannon is a New York native that spends most of her time submerged in art and design culture. In her free time, she likes taking painting and drawing classes, but you might also catch her at a concert or the latest trendy music festival.

    Little Known Fact: Has an unhealthy obsession with K-dramas.

  • Krystal Gomez Krystal Gomez
    Krystal Gomez Business Development krystal@vimbly.com

    Born and raised in Long island, Krystal has spent the past four years commuting into Manhattan. She is an expert at finding her way around with any train -- but heaven help her if she has to take the bus. Living on-the-go helps Krystal appreciate her down time to read, shop, and explore the city.

    Little Known Fact: Once chipped her tooth at a heavy metal concert.

  • Erik Johansen Erik Johansen
    Erik Johansen Business Development erik@vimbly.com

    Erik grew up in Harrison, NY, a small suburb just outside of the Big Apple. Erik is the worst person to watch sports with, and being the bandwagon fan that he is, he’ll follow just about any team that’s making headlines. You can almost always catch Erik at the gym or strolling aimlessly through the streets of NYC.

    Little Known Fact: Middle name is Reidar.

  • Joseph Milholland Joseph Milholland
    Joseph Milholland Business Development milholland@vimbly.com

    Atlanta born, Joseph spent his childhood memorizing facts about skyscrapers and listening to podcasts. Both were surprisingly handy as excellent preparation for living in New York City. Now a full time NYC resident, he enjoys indulging in gourmet sodas and foreign pop songs.

    Little Known Fact: Collects socks.


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