What is Vimbly?

Vimbly is the fastest way to book thousands of activities, classes & date ideas.

These include:

  • dance
  • glassblowing
  • pizza making
  • wine tasting
  • improvisation
  • scotch pairing
  • samurai sword fighting
  • ... and more!

Learn more from our blog post on Vimbly's Three Wise Questions!

How does Vimbly Work?

  • Pick a category Magnifying glass
  • Choose a time slot Calendar
  • Have a great time Fireworks

Meet the Team

  • Sam Lundin Sam Lundin
    Sam Lundin Chief Executive Officer

    Sam previously invested in tech companies at a hedge fund, with a focus on the Internet space. Before that, he was a tech M&A banker. Sam’s painful search for a photography class led him to Vimbly instead.

    Little Known Fact: Tries to eat chicken wings with a fork and knife.

  • Chris Yeung Chris Yeung
    Chris Yeung Chief Technology Officer

    Previously a VP at BlackRock with a background in machine learning, life has taken Chris from 14.4k modems and cow tipping in Toronto to PHP and EDM in New York.

    Little Known Fact: Can dominate Sam in a typing speed competition.

  • Simon Hammer Simon Hammer
    Simon Hammer VP, Platform

    Simon's the type of guy that eats a pre-brunch breakfast and a post-brunch lunch. When he's not at Vimbly HQ, you can find him in some kind of body of water... trying not to drown.

    Little Known Fact: Dominates Daniel in VR Basketball.

  • Mallory Stein Mallory Stein
    Mallory Stein Project Manager

    Mallory grew up in a foreign land some know as Long Island and attended SUNY Binghamton where she studied engineering, witnessed occasional sun appearances, and spent two years as a vegetarian before realizing she had made a miSTEAK. Mallory is a self-proclaimed human Shazam and goes by Mal to non-telemarketers.

    Little Known Fact: Can name the make, model, and approximate year of almost any car she sees.

  • Paul Lee Paul Lee
    Paul Lee Full Stack Developer

    As a kid, Paul had an extreme enthusiasm for the anatomy of electronics, disassembling radio receivers, TVs, Playstations, iPhones and anything that had circuits in it -- despite almost getting electrocuted by a CRT monitor.

    Little Known Fact: Used to play bass guitar for a punk rock band.

  • Zack Zeno Zack Zeno
    Zack Zeno Software Engineer

    Best described below:

    $n = count($deck);
    for($i = 0; $i < $n; $i++) {
      $j = mt_rand($i, $n);
      $deck[$i] ^= $deck[$j];
      $deck[$j] ^= $deck[$i];
      $deck[$i] ^= $deck[$j];

    Little Known Fact: Fell out of a window taking an awesome picture.

  • Camilo Calle Camilo Calle
    Camilo Calle Full Stack Developer

    Camilo can be summed up in three words: curious, skeptical, and introverted. He’s always up for trying new cuisine, and enjoys listening to music while coding. Tell Camilo to get lost and he’ll take it quite literally. He loves exploring, whether it’s among skyscrapers or forests.

    Little Known Fact: Is allergic to chocolate, but doesn’t care, and insists on eating it until an allergic reaction begins.

  • Aleksey Vovk Aleksey Vovk
    Aleksey Vovk Full Stack Developer

    Aleksey was born in Ukraine and grew up in Brooklyn. He enjoys buying technology before figuring out why he needs it -- even if it’s from SkyMall. He can usually be found turning every corner of New York City in search for exotic cuisine.

    Little Known Fact: Last name means wolf in Ukrainian.

  • Joe Mileo Joe Mileo
    Joe Mileo Full Stack Developer

    Despite living just outside New York City his entire life, Joe never tires of the sights and sounds. From a young age, he was always tinkering away with old, neglected computers. He’s never one to turn down a good home-cooked meal and on weekends can be found out on the golf course (usually searching for a lost ball or two).

    Little Known Fact: Had a tooth knocked out by a younger sister when he was in 2nd grade (she was 4!).

  • Melissa Haidar Melissa Haidar
    Melissa Haidar Account Manager

    Melissa is an avid cross country enthusiast -- she doesn't run, but has driven coast to coast three times. After eventually moving to Kauai, Melissa realized she missed home and traded the Hawaiian jungle in for a concrete one.

    Little Known Fact: Knows all the lyrics to most Shania Twain songs.

  • Ferina Casado Ferina Casado
    Ferina Casado User Engagement

    Born on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, Ferina moved to the US at the age of 2. Most weekends you can find her grilling anything she can get her hands on, pausing only for rain or snow. Ferina tries new cooking recipes like it’s her job -- so long as they don’t include Twizzlers...

    Little Known Fact: Suspects she is the only person alive who hates Twizzlers.

  • Sarah Adamo Sarah Adamo
    Sarah Adamo Account Manager

    Native Staten Islander Sarah is always on the hunt for a new adventure. She loves music, art, cooking, and the outdoors. Sarah recently took a month long road trip across the US camping through major cities, attending music festivals, and visiting historic landmarks. When she isn’t taking manifest destiny into her own hands, Sarah enjoys watching Netflix documentaries and channeling her inner Ina Garten.

    Little Known Fact: Friends call her by her last name instead of her first.

  • Melisa Chiem Melisa Chiem
    Melisa Chiem UX Designer

    Melisa is a UX designer who is passionate about designing digital products that help people. She was raised in paradise (otherwise known as Hawaii) and has lived on both the east and west coast, doing her best to improve digital experiences for users everywhere.

    Little Known Fact: Grew up speaking a rare Chinese dialect called Teo Chew.

  • Talitha Booker Talitha Booker
    Talitha Booker Web & Graphic Design Specialist

    Talitha grew up in New Jersey and loves to travel, listen to classical music, and watch comedy movies. She considers herself a choco-holic, but likes to think it’s balanced out by the amount of fruit she consumes. During her free time, Talitha enjoys playing the piano, going to the beach, and exploring theme parks.

    Little Known Fact: Dangerously afraid of heights, unless roller coasters are involved.

  • Anne Fleshler Anne Fleshler
    Anne Fleshler Account Manager

    Anne enjoys spending her time going to yoga classes and attending workshops about health and wellness. Her most spontaneous moment was leaving the city to do a month-long yoga teacher training program in Costa Rica. Anne's Instagram feed is full of cute pups and quality memes.

    Little Known Fact: Used to be a nationally ranked competitive ballroom dancer, and is always ready to break out her dancing shoes.

  • Sam Nabi Sam Nabi
    Sam Nabi Front-end Developer

    Sam is a sucker for live music and poetry. More often than not, you'll find him at an open mic night relaxing with friends. Sam has also been bitten by the travel bug, and with family members across 6 different countries he can always find a couch to crash on.

    Little Known Fact: Rides his bicycle all year round, even through winter.

  • Julio Diaz Julio Diaz
    Julio Diaz PHP Developer

    Julio grew up in northern Colombia in the town of Purísima. He loves seafood, swimming, and late night coding sessions. When he isn’t playing the role of unofficial technology adviser for his friends and family, you can usually find Julio playing soccer video games or cooking.

    Little Known Fact: Is always the last of his friends to order at restaurants because he can be super indecisive.

  • Paul Adrian Paul Adrian
    Paul Adrian UI Designer

    Paul has an engineering background and loves playing guitar -- so much so that he once considered a career as a full-time street performer. Paul’s philosophy is “go big or go home” even when trying new things -- the first time he tried rollerblading, he ended up breaking his hand.

    Little Known Fact: Lost his wallet while he was on a trip in the mountains and had to trade all of his belongings for a ticket back home.

  • Fatih Kaplan Fatih Kaplan
    Fatih Kaplan Android Developer

    Fatih grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. His hobbies include trying different flavored coffee beans from around the world, learning new languages (despite some short term memory loss), and traveling. His next trip? Galavanting through the Tuscan countryside.

    Little Known Fact: Once owned a baby duck as a pet.

  • Leon Cabezal Leon Cabezal
    Leon Cabezal Back-end Developer

    Leon is a half-Galician, half-Basque developer whose favorite projects are the ones where he is at the forefront of cutting edge technological solutions. When he isn’t coding, you can find Leon testing out new mustache styles. Leon learned to program at age 12 by creating games in C++ and still does so in his free time.

    Little Known Fact: Has never set foot in a movie theater.

  • Luan Nguyen Luan Nguyen
    Luan Nguyen DevOps Engineer

    Luan is an IT enthusiast who enjoys exploring new technologies. He works closely with developers to help them on infrastructure provisioning, auto-scaling on clouds, CI/CD, and applications troubleshooting. Aside from IT, Luan loves going to the beach, swimming and biking.

    Little Known Fact: Shoots photos on his outdoor expeditions that would make Nat Geo jealous.

  • Brandon Peters Brandon Peters
    Brandon Peters Back-end Developer

    Born in southern Indiana, Brandon started programming in BASIC on the Commodore 64 when he was ten years old -- his interest in computer programming has thrived ever since. Brandon’s interests include software development, independent movies, all things books and enjoying the outdoors whenever possible.

    Little Known Fact: Goes hammock camping during all four seasons -- sometimes with up to 40 other people!

  • Daniel Radut Daniel Radut
    Daniel Radut Back-end Developer

    Even though Daniel grew up in the heart of Transylvania, he now calls the US his home. Daniel’s hobbies include programming, playing soccer and snowboarding -- it’s impossible for him to pick a favorite. Daniel enjoys traveling with his family and the memories they make on each of their trips together.

    Little Known Fact: Wanted to be a professional soccer player when he was younger.

  • Peter Hannon Peter Hannon
    Peter Hannon Back-end Developer

    Pete loves being a part of exciting tech projects and watching them flourish. In his spare time, he enjoys camping in the wild and helping his kids with their math homework. Pete is always on the lookout for a chess partner.

    Little Known Fact: Was able to say the whole alphabet backwards in 6.3 seconds when he was younger.

  • Mohamed Saladin Mohamed Saladin
    Mohamed Saladin Operations

    Mohamed previously worked as an IT manager at Orange and in marketing at Google. He was born in Egypt, is addicted to pizza and soccer, and is totally consumed by wanderlust. In his free time, Mohamed studies chocolate-loving countries and plans his next trips (whether taking them or not is another story).

    Little Known Fact: Loves his little son and all kinds of different chocolates.

  • Kurt Jensen Kurt Jensen
    Kurt Jensen App Developer

    Growing up in Ann Arbor and having studied computer science at the University of Michigan has made Kurt a Wolverines fan for life -- you can find him cheering on his beloved team every Saturday in the fall without fail. When he's not coding or listening to podcasts, Kurt is most likely outside exploring or golfing somewhere trying to break 80.

    Little Known Fact: Played water polo throughout college.

  • Constantin Stan Constantin Stan
    Constantin Stan PHP Developer

    Constantin is a technology enthusiast who has a passion for all things nutrition and fitness. Ask him anything about counting macros or hitting the gym, and you won’t regret it. Most nights, you can usually find Constantin working out.

    Little Known Fact: Was a Merchant Navy deck officer.

  • Romain Biard Romain Biard
    Romain Biard Full Stack Developer

    Romain grew up in Brittany, a region in the west of France where most people are known for their stubbornness. Romain enjoys long distance trail-running races (his longest was 108km), blowing through comic books, cooking up a storm, and taking insta-worthy pictures.

    Little Known Fact: Wears shorts year-round, regardless of the weather.

  • Arminas Zukauskas Arminas Zukauskas
    Arminas Zukauskas Node Developer

    Arminas was born in Lithuania and studied computer science in Vilnius. He has over a decade of experience as a developer building websites from scratch. When he’s not hiding behind three different computer screens, Arminas enjoys traveling to small countryside towns with his family.

    Little Known Fact: Tells people that Bitcoin is evil even though he secretly thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

  • Preston Postlethwaite Preston Postlethwaite
    Preston Postlethwaite Portfolio Manager

    Tired of an industry stuck in the past and subsidized by inefficiency, Preston left his job as a commercial litigator to invest in digital assets. His goal? Leverage groundbreaking technology to revolutionize international corporate finance.

    Little Known Fact: After nearly a decade, has never ranked above silver in League of Legends.

  • Heila Precel Heila Precel
    Heila Precel Front-end Developer

    Heila is a native New Yorker who is passionate about data ethics, media art, and reading as many books as she possibly can. In her free time, Heila over-analyzes films, gets lost in the neighborhoods she grew up in, and makes too many (very bad) puns.

    Little Known Fact: Spent a summer working for the Israeli Red Cross despite knowing nothing about medicine.

  • Joe Nechleba Joe Nechleba
    Joe Nechleba Front-end Developer

    Joe is a sucker for trying new things. When he isn’t coding, Joe can be found playing the violin, learning French or practicing Taekwondo. You’ll never have trouble finding him in a crowd, either: he's 6'5'' (though awful at basketball). Joe is a fan of anything coconut-flavored, and is always down for a music jam sesh.

    Little Known Fact: Defends Mean Girls as the greatest piece of 21st century film.

  • Noel Picinich Noel Picinich
    Noel Picinich Front-end Developer

    After spending her whole life in the heat of South Florida, Noel packed her bags and headed north in search of seasons and a breathtaking city skyline. She is an avid moviegoer and can often be found perusing Pinterest for new crafty ideas, though she hasn’t opened her own Etsy shop (yet).

    Little Known Fact: Has yet to tell Ferina that she also hates twizzlers.

  • Kevork Karakashyan Kevork Karakashyan
    Kevork Karakashyan Operations

    Kevork was born and raised in Plovdiv, Bulgaria -- one of the oldest cities in Europe! Having studied in both Seattle and Milan gave Kevork a taste of city life in other parts of the world. Kevork considers his love for barbecue a side effect of life experience in the Balkans… and it’s rare he goes more than a day without a good steak.

    Little Known Fact: Has attempted brewing his own craft beer (though a drinkable batch is yet to come).

  • David Rothblatt David Rothblatt
    David Rothblatt Front-end Developer

    As a native New Yorker, David has witnessed all too many embarrassing seasons from his favorite sports teams: the Mets, Jets and Knicks. David enjoys spending time eating his way through NYC and is forever trying to get his first win in Fortnite Battle Royale. He wholeheartedly believes that Seinfeld is the best sitcom of all time.

    Little Known Fact: Has tried the Cronut more times than most people, without ever having to wait in line.

  • Ruth Bausas Ruth Bausas
    Ruth Bausas User Engagement

    Ruth is a thrill-seeker who loves to travel, and her friends know she’s always up for a spontaneous trip. Ruth has an affinity for outdoor adventures that take place on land or in water -- but never in trees (see, Ruth is afraid of heights).

    Little Known Fact: Cries whenever she laughs due to overactive tear ducts.

  • Naomi Pacoli Naomi Pacoli
    Naomi Pacoli User Engagement

    If you’re ever caught in a game of hide-and-seek with Naomi, count on finding her somewhere sunny and sandy. She loves the beach and the outdoors. Naomi has worked as a teacher and enjoys spending time with her family.

    Little Known Fact: Is an undefeated champion amongst friends and family for plates of food consumed at all-you-can-eat buffets.

  • Kanya Clemetson Kanya Clemetson
    Kanya Clemetson User Engagement

    Kanya enjoys spending most her free time making the most of the outdoors, especially when it’s nice out. She gardens for relaxation, freestyle dives for exercise, and never misses a bird hunting season. For Kanya, crabbing is a must every June through August.

    Little Known Fact: Once had an encounter with a shark (and escaped in one piece) while sport fishing.

  • Sheila Marcos Sheila Marcos
    Sheila Marcos Operations

    Sheila has had a passion for arts and crafts from a young age (part of that may be because she got A’s on all of her art assignments in school). Now, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, cooking and watching movies.

    Little Known Fact: Once pretended to be a tourist while visiting popular attractions in her own country.

  • Dennis Jumangit Dennis Jumangit
    Dennis Jumangit Operations

    Dennis was born in Davao City, home to the highest peak in the Philippines. When he isn’t playing volleyball -- his favorite sport -- Dennis enjoys dreaming up different stories, and eventually wants to write a novel. His foolproof trick for remembering things is to make songs about them.

    Little Known Fact: Snores really loudly.

  • Robert Molina Robert Molina
    Robert Molina Researcher

    Originally from Venezuela, Robert dreams of one day traveling the world. In the meantime, he settles for meeting visitors from his own country and showing them around town. Robert loves learning new languages, but he’s only fluent in English -- for now.

    Little Known Fact: Is an awful dancer in public, but can really cut a rug when no one’s watching.

  • CJ Charvet CJ Charvet
    CJ Charvet User Engagement

    CJ considers himself a Filipino music enthusiast -- more often than not, you can find him playing the guitar or writing a song. He also sings and plays piano, bass and drums. When he isn’t working on his music, CJ loves to travel.

    Little Known Fact: Even though CJ stands for Celestino Jose, he includes both in his full name: Celestino Jose CJ Charvet.

  • Lea Yacat Lea Yacat
    Lea Yacat User Engagement

    When she isn’t making sure Vimbly users have awesome experiences, you can find Lea playing with her kids and watching Korean dramas. Her lifelong dream is to travel to all the 7,643 islands of the Philippines and eventually take on the rest of the world.

    Little Known Fact: Sneezes (up to 10 times in a row!) right after she wakes up every morning.

  • Consuelo Prado Consuelo Prado
    Consuelo Prado Operations

    Consuelo competed in beauty pageants as a child and loves to dance… making her the not-so-secret biggest fan of Michael Jackson. Since she plans her day around crime dramas, you can usually find her channeling her inner Stabler and Benson when she is watching old “Law & Order: SVU” reruns.

    Little Known Fact: Was the shortest member of her old volleyball team.

  • Christina Stephens Christina Stephens
    Christina Stephens User Engagement

    Christina grew up on the beautiful island of Jamaica and has almost 2 decades of customer service experience under her belt. She has a passion for cooking and enjoys recreating recipes at home from dishes she’s tried at her favorite local restaurants. Christina spends her spare time listening to mystery and horror audiobooks.

    Little Known Fact: Though Christina dreams of one day living on the beach, she has a crippling fear of seaweed.


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